The Studio on the Lake in Tennessee

The Studio on the Lake in Tennessee
The Studio on the Lake in Tennessee


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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beautiful Fall Days and Too Many Projects!

Well, I can't believe how long it has been since I blogged last about anything!  We have been working on a new home in Georgia while still enjoying our present home in Tennessee.  The new home offers the sound of a trout river on the rocks from all the rooms on the main level, and a good, (safe!) view of black bears coming and going on the riverfront.  The town we are close to is very sweet with tons of art galleries and antique shops and we are just off State 197 which is part of the pottery trail.  What is not to like about that?  I have been busy working on the inside making it ours and I will be posting pictures later.  One of the favorite things we have done is to completely wrap our master bath in beadboard for a country, shabby, chic look.  I have been busy working on events for the Upper Cumberland Arts Alliance, and I have found a tutorial on crocheted rock covers.  So far, I have made only two, but they are fun and if you have some pretty rocks they could make a nice paperweight for friends at the holidays.  I am posting some photos of the ones I have made.  I found the tutoria at www.purlbee.com/little-urchin-crochet-covered/  These were done by the very talented Margaret Oomen.  Hope you enjoy if you attempt them.  I have been able to done in an evening, and I am a novice crocheter! 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Upcoming Shows for Artists in the Upper Cumberland Area

Once again, Spring is here, or at least well on its way!  Shows for artists tend to crop up and there are several really good events planned for the Arts Alliance.  We will be participating in the April 2nd, 3rd anniversary celebration at Sutton's Store in Granville, Tennessee.  This is an inside event, and members are encouraged to bring new artwork on April 1st, so we can display it.  Also the Poke Sallet Festival in Gainesboro Tennessee will feature a new artists' market this year around the historic courthouse.  You can find the link through the Gainesboro-Jackson County Chamber of Commerce link.  This is a May 6th and &7th show.  Also, the same weekend there will be a festival at Sgt. York Foundation for artists, and the booths are free this year.  So....plan on attending one of the many events and taking advantage of the Mother's Day weekend buyers.  April 4th is the annual meeting for the Arts Alliance at 4:30 p.m. at the Cookeville Putnam library.  We have lots to discuss and some direction to talk about and decide on.  It should be a good meeting, and a chance for you to add to the group.  Heritage Day is May 28th in Granville, and we will be hosting an outdoor artists market, next to Sutton's Store.  Also June 18th, we are planning an Alice Maiwald Memorial Fresh Air Festival to celebrate the life and vision of our past president.  So....plan to come to as many as you can and stay active in the arts in 2011!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail in Jeopardy! Letter for your Representatives!

Friends,  Please feel free to use this or a version of this letter to contact your representatives and ask that they seriously consider their vote coming up for the USDA RC&D full funding issue!  Let's see this go viral!

March 10, 2011

I am sending this messagel in the hopes that when a vote is taken in the next week or so, you will seriously look at the ramifications that not extending full funding to the RC&D program will have on already distressed and economically challenged areas in your state. I live in Jackson county in the Upper Cumberland, and there are many wonderful programs that are in jeopardy should the full funding disappear. We have been successful, in our county, to work with Kathy Daugherty and her team in Cookeville to implement and continue the quilt trail. This trail has be used to bring tourism dollars into rural areas with much success. There are many other programs at risk as well. Please vote responsibly for this area your state. There are few programs available that do as much good for the rural challenged areas as those of the RC&D. Thank you for your consideration in advance.


Carla Khouri

Upper Cumberland Arts Alliance

Gainesboro-Jackson County Chamber of Commerce

Upper Cumberland Tourism Association

The Blue Heron Studio – Gainesboro, TN

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shabby Chic,Country French Valentine Crafty Hearts Tutorial

Inspired by shabby chic decorating, I decided to try some ornaments that were shown on the Sommerset site. I wanted to share how they came out for me:

Above, you will see the supplies I used to make the ornament in the upper left hand corner. I had some wonderful musical note fabric, that I purchased online from www.hayloftfabrics.com. I also used some black and tan ticking for the hanger from www.buyfabrics.com. I decided which graphics I wanted to use from Karen at graphics fairy - Bing. Karen has a wonderful source of graphics

I selected the designs I wanted to use, and then I put them together in a work document. I remembered to flip the documents so when the designs were transferred onto to fabric, they would read correctly, and not backwards. I used a tarp canvas for painting for my background fabric. After following the transfer directions, I cut each item out using pinking shears. I also made a template for a heart and cut them out with the same pinking shears of the musical note fabric. I sewed a seam on the outside of the musical heart fabric hearts, leaving a small edge open toward the upper right hand of the heart. I them stuffed the hearts lightly with fiberfill and closed the opening by machine. I used FabricTack glue and applied one of the cutouts of designs onto the front of the musical note heart. I cut a narrow band of the ticking stripe and knotted it at the bottom of each end. I then used the Fabric Tack glue to attach the hanger at each end of the ticking stripe. Voila! You now have a Valentine heart ready to use for your decorating or to give as a gift. You might consider making several of these and putting into a pretty heart shaped basket or box. Enjoy!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Back to the Basics!

Well, now that it is a good week plus in 2011, I have started to get back to the basics. Things I enjoy, like painting, and chores I have to do, like change the mall products, and list new items on ebay and my website. I have really enjoyed painting faces for a very good friend of mine, Linda, for her quilt class. She has 25 people taking her class, and I have agreed to paint the faces on the little girl's they will be appliqueing to their quilts. Linda runs the Most Amazing Quilt Shop in Cookeville, Tennessee, and it is exactly that! AMAZING. She has lots of wonderful fabrics and supplies, not to mention some of the best instruction. Thanks to Linda, I have finally learned an acceptable way to applique. It is wonderful to pick this needlework up and have something to do in the evenings that engages you completely. I will post pictures of the quilt and the little faces when I am able to travel thru our "winter wonderland" later this week. In the meantime, we will just have to enjoy a picture from our mountaintop! Have fun this week, and stay warm....