The Studio on the Lake in Tennessee

The Studio on the Lake in Tennessee
The Studio on the Lake in Tennessee


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Monday, June 30, 2014

Time and Again!


Being a pro active sort of person, it is so difficult to let time pass without trying to rearrange the hours on the clock or allow God to take charge!  I am learning that it is possible, and quite a character building process to just follow the road and see what is in store for your around the next corner.  Case in point, our newest location, ReLove, in Cookeville, Tennessee.  I have just about decided that ReLove is a frame of mind rather than a location on the map.  Right now, it is both.  We are located at 4628 West Broad, which is also Highway 70 going out of Cookevllle towards Baxter.  It has been my delight to have been under the same umbrella at this location with the very talented Jean Ann Mayberry.  Her European floral designs are to die for.  She has chaired the Rose Parade in California and done floral arrangements for presidential inagurations.  She has taught floral design extensively as well.  So it is to her credit, that a local company offered her a position with their firm.  While being so very happy for my dear friend, this brings me to another crossroads in life.  Isn't life full of these??   I need to decide whether to continue at this location or to limit my work to our studio on the hill on the lake in Gainesboro.  I am trying to let the few weeks and God's presence show me the way.  At the very least, I am open to Godly suggestions!  Reworking our website and it should be up and running with a great new look, courtesy of Victoria at Shabby Lanes Hosting.  I continue to make to do lists and continue to not get it all done!

If you are in our area, please top by and check out our great selection of home decor and floral items.  We carry an extensive line of Paint Couture! products and offer classes on how to enhance your projects. We are open from 10 until 5 on Thursday and Friday and until 3 p.m on Saturdays!

Be sure to celebrate the Birthday of our Country on the Fourth of July safely!  

Monday, March 10, 2014

Welcome Spring!

As Spring approaches, we find time and energy to view our surroundings with new eyes.  The grey tones of winter lead into the spring pops of color before summer's greens and hues.  Now is the time to look around and see if you could re purpose or restyle a piece of furniture or home decor.  The Blue Heron Studio is all about reusing and rethinking what we have and what we find.  We like for you to have the ability to put your personal stamp on a "WOW" piece that your friends and family will admire.  We offer Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Products along with the extensive line of Paint Couture! products.  Now, we are pleased to partner with FARRAGOZ to further enhance your painting skills.  Going to the Nashville Antique and Garden Show just confirmed how popular and important the look of many layers of paints can impact a piece.  We just feel we have the best marriage of products and instruction to help you achieve this look with confidence
Every layer of paint tells the story of the piece!

Inspiration comes in many places, such as the beautiful muted colors of the books in the following photo. Touched with accents of gilding, these can be translated into beautiful colors and layers for your home, furniture projects and home decor.


The curve of an arm with it's multi layered painted history can also be carried into other areas of your home. Think neutral pieces with cocoa, russet, and ochre.  The most important thing is to love your home and create a welcoming aura for your family, friends and yourself.  All the beautiful decor in the world can not replace the beauty in the welcoming spirit of hospitality and sharing.  Enjoy your home, your creativity and the newness of the world that Spring brings to us all!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year, New Opportunities!

After a very busy fall selling season, we took a break after the last show to enjoy our home and family holiday visits.  But now, with the start of a fresh new year, we are looking to new challenges.  January is a good month to plan projects, organize home and studio, and get started with some of the new ideas that we have on our "to do" list.

One of the challenges we have faced early on, was moving our booth space in Gainesboro to Gallatin.  The store we have been in for several years has lost their lease and made the decision to close rather than relocate.  This will be a blow to our downtown area, as our historic square needs every viable business it can.  However, our move to Gallatin will allow us to showcase more of our paint products and painted furniture and home decor. We will still keep the great products we use in our projects in the Studio here in Gainesboro, and of course are willing to work with anyone should they require shipping!

I am looking forward to going to the studio today and starting on several projects I will share with my lovely readers over the next month.  We are working on restoring a drop front secretary which is proving to be a bigger restoration project than we thought.  I am also working on some more small tables in our limited edition color of Citrine.  We still have a very few quarts of that and samples.  Will be totally gone in February.  We are excited to use the new color of the year, 2014, Radiance on a project or two!  Such a pop of color that beckons to Spring.  Of course, we will continue to use lots of neutrals in different combos. New exciting hardware has been located and we will be using that like jewelry to finish our pieces with that one of a kind look.

On a personal level, I will continue the organizational efforts I have started early last year.  I join with so many of you in search of a more simple and fulfilling life.  One to be enjoyed, not endured.  All the changes in our economy and social structures has made me realize that to be able to produce a steady environment, even though it is only in my small circle of friends and family is not an easy task.  To be in a person's life when you are needed is a great honor and blessing.

Almost forgot to post this week, but in the meantime I was able to capture this little sofa table.  I have prepared the surface by cleaning it with TSP and then clear water.  Now it is going to be changed forever with our new color of Radiance.  Come back soon and see the final result!  In the meantime have a simply wonderful week.

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