The Studio on the Lake in Tennessee

The Studio on the Lake in Tennessee
The Studio on the Lake in Tennessee


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Monday, December 21, 2009


This post is all about gratitude that should be expressed every day, not just at this particular time of year at the Holidays. My husband and I have been so blessed to have made the acquaintance of Dr. Harry Horne and his lovely wife, Marilyn, a little more than one year ago. We live in a very rural area in Tennessee and at that time, medical facilities were limited and certainly overtaxed. At a public hearing for a zoning variance for a home that was being considered for a medical clinic, my husband spoke positively for the change and addition to our community. Little did we know that this would bring this wonderful man and his family into our lives. He has been instrumental in changing a difficult relationship between my husband and his father at a time in their life together, when goodbyes are looming larger than hellos. He has been able to prove that medicine is not just "institutionalized and uncaring." He has been able to prove the exact opposite and that good medicine can heal the soul and the spirit, as well as tend to the physical aspects of the human condition. His capacity for love and caring of his fellow human beings is as large as his acumen of medicine. This is a tribute to a "Prince" of a man and a damn fine doctor. Thank you, Harry, for being you!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What do you want for Christmas?

Besides world peace and a cure for all disease, what is on your Christmas list? Not to make light of the current situation, but, has everyone adjusted to the "new normal" that we all hear about on the news, or are there any holdouts for old fashioned Christmas consumerism? Actually, a year later, a year older, I just think a nice peaceful holiday is all that I want this year. Maybe just to curl up, and appreciate being warm while it is blustery outside with a wonderful cup of tea and a great old/new book. I am really finding it hard to drag out all the tinsel and Christmas decorations. I feel that I have Christmas in my heart, and I enjoy seeing it everywhere else, but I am feeling that it is kinda nice not to have to prove to anyone that my cookies are the most delicious, or my decorations the most creative. I don't have to go to the most or the fanciest parties, or host them either. Am I a scrooge? Or am I just being myself? I look around and I am so appreciative of the good things in my life. I have a loving partner, wonderful family members, cherished pets, and relatively good health. These are gifts enough for me this year. Still.....cashmere socks are always nice!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Support the Arts!

I just returned from a great seminar that was sponsored by the Tennessee Arts Commission in Paris Landing, Tennessee. As an active member in the arts community, we are facing unparalleled times of change and challenge. It is up to us individual by individual to support the efforts of both the Tennessee Arts Commission and the Tennesseans for the Arts to continue their work that enhances and promotes arts as both a cultural part and a way of life for many in our beautiful state. Local and regional art councils and alliances are also helpful in supporting individuals that are either doing this as a part time or full time line of expression or livelihood. One great organization that I support is the Upper Cumberland Arts Alliance. I would encourage you to check out their website and very reasonable membership. With Christmas coming quickly, I would also encourage those of you giving gifts to consider one of a kind gifts with the gift of art from an artist or perhaps gifts of classes or memberships in a guild or alliance. I would love to hear from those of you with other connections to the arts. Just comment back.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall is Finally Here

With crisper autumn temperatures, and falling leaves, it's easy to notice fall is here in the Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee. Along with the show from nature are many festivals that have something for everyone. This Saturday, in Granville Tennessee, there will be a heritage fall festival. This will be complete with food, entertainment, crafters, demonstrations, and a quilt show. There will also be an unveiling of the quilt trail which is the first for Jackson County. I was asked to produce these large boards for two of the Granville businesses, and one in Gainesboro. This will connect with the other fourteen Upper Cumberland counties and continue other quilt trails which follow rural areas through our county. The last issue of Mary Jane's Farm, a magazine devoted to those who appreciate rural living had a very nice article on this type of quilt trail. This seems to be another way for crafters to display their work. I will be posting pictures on my website www.theblueheronstudio.com soon for all to see!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Summer Sales

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