The Studio on the Lake in Tennessee

The Studio on the Lake in Tennessee
The Studio on the Lake in Tennessee


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Monday, January 21, 2013

Small World Musings!


Now that it is getting close to Valentine's day and there are an unbelievable amount of decorations and ideas on the Internet, I wanted to share with all of you kind readers one of my past hobbies and passions.

About  a decade ago, I would get together with a group of lovely ladies with a similar interest and we would come up with a theme for a room box or a dome scene.  One of our favorite rooms was a box with a Strawberry Theme.  Hmmmmm.......I pulled this little box out of storage where it had languished since my move to Tennessee, Georgia, and back, and thought this needs to see the light of day.  To my total amazement, the light bulb still worked.  I had to re glue the strawberry wallpaper back to the sides of the box, which meant another piece of wood trim for the corner where repairs showed.  I also ended up re gluing a lot of the little decor which had encountered accidents!  Some of the furnishings, such as the wire pieces, were purchased.  However, the cushions, stenciled floor runner, pillow, tea cart and food were created by our group.  There was always someone who was willing to take the lead and work out the bugs on a project the rest of us could follow.  We each had our own special niche!  I sure do miss those ladies.  They are talented, sweet, and funny.  A rare combination for friends indeed. 

So Mary Ann, Janine, Dorothy and Brenda, 
Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you find a "forgotten" treasure that will bring back some great memories.  This is a good time of year to take stock of what we own, relationships, and everything else.  I guess my word for 2013 is going to be "reclaim."  This fits into my idea that I will go thru all the items that I own.  Purposefully use them or find another home for them with somebody else who will appreciate them or can get a good use from them.  We will see how this journey progresses this year.  I plan on putting a lot of items on Etsy or on my website www.theblueheronstudio.com for people to have a chance at.  So check back often, items will be change and be added.  In the meantime, enjoy the day, seize the moment, have a cup of tea, and appreciate all that we have!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Burlap Country French Love Note Pillows for Valentine's Day

The Internet and Pinterest are filled with wonderful ideas involving decorating and creating for Valentine's Day. It seems that this Holiday is being decorated earlier this year, which will give us all more time to enjoy the process.  This put me in the mood to create some Love Note Heart Pillows which you can find on my Etsy Shop at: https://www.etsy.com/listing/120877223/shabby-chic-country-french-burlap-heart

I Included ticking wings as well as a key tied to the heart pillow with twine.  There is a small loop attached to the back should a hanging heart be desired.  I do like them tucked into a group of pillows or placed among treasures on a bookshelf....  These are an American Made Product which is also a good thing.....