The Studio on the Lake in Tennessee

The Studio on the Lake in Tennessee
The Studio on the Lake in Tennessee


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Friday, March 11, 2011

Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail in Jeopardy! Letter for your Representatives!

Friends,  Please feel free to use this or a version of this letter to contact your representatives and ask that they seriously consider their vote coming up for the USDA RC&D full funding issue!  Let's see this go viral!

March 10, 2011

I am sending this messagel in the hopes that when a vote is taken in the next week or so, you will seriously look at the ramifications that not extending full funding to the RC&D program will have on already distressed and economically challenged areas in your state. I live in Jackson county in the Upper Cumberland, and there are many wonderful programs that are in jeopardy should the full funding disappear. We have been successful, in our county, to work with Kathy Daugherty and her team in Cookeville to implement and continue the quilt trail. This trail has be used to bring tourism dollars into rural areas with much success. There are many other programs at risk as well. Please vote responsibly for this area your state. There are few programs available that do as much good for the rural challenged areas as those of the RC&D. Thank you for your consideration in advance.


Carla Khouri

Upper Cumberland Arts Alliance

Gainesboro-Jackson County Chamber of Commerce

Upper Cumberland Tourism Association

The Blue Heron Studio – Gainesboro, TN

1 comment:

  1. USDA RC&D - what does that stand for? You know I will probably send a letter to whoever my rep is...